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About Us

Accès International is established in Monaco, a tiny principality (2 square kilometers) on the French Riviera approximately 20 kilometers from the Italian border and Nice International Airport. The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign state, totally independent, under a constitutional and hereditary monarchy. Monaco has established itself as an international financial center, with more than 50 banks, major brokerage houses and insurance companies. It has a population of 35,000 of which only about 20% are Monegasque.

Our firm, together with its associated companies, specializes in establishing offshore and holding companies, discretionary and asset protection trusts, as well as the requisite management services. We provide full back office services including para-legal, accounting, invoicing, banking, and we can also provide nominee services.

The business was started by Tony Van Vuuren in 1988 after spending 10 years in offshore company management. The group consists of professionals in the tax-planning and company administration field and can provide a wide range of business services competently and professionally performed with the utmost security and discretion.

The firm has associated companies in Luxembourg and London and close ties with professionals in Panama, the British Virgin Islands and many other jurisdictions.

We are registered in Monaco under law 214 and therefore authorized to act as trustees of Monaco Trusts.

Our Services

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Annual domiciliation facilities
  • Offshore trusts and foundations
  • Administrative facilities
  • Bank introductions
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and audits
  • Advice on the setting up of efficient structures and the selection of a suitable jurisdiction.
  • The incorporation of trading, investment and holding companies in all the traditional and some more esoteric financial centers.
  • The provision and appointment of directors (corporate or individual) and company secretary.
  • The provision of corporate trustee services. (our in-house trustee company is registered in New Zealand)
  • The provision of nominee shareholders (corporate or individual).
  • Introduction to bankers, opening of bank accounts, the operation of bank accounts, the negotiation of finance and the management of back to back financing arrangements.
  • Financial management, preparation of invoices, payments to suppliers, liaison with local and foreign brokers, banking matters, and all other functions to maintain a company in good standing.
  • Full corporate management, business administration, accounting, arranging audits, bookkeeping and secretarial service.
  • Advice on the administration of investment portfolios including liaison with brokers, preparing portfolio statements using spreadsheet software and/or dedicated brokerage package.
  • Monitoring international legal and fiscal developments.
  • Safekeeping of valuable documents including share certificates, trust deeds, original contracts and other important corporate information.
  • The provision of mailing address facilities for correspondence.
  • U.K Limited partnerships
  • Fiduciary trading company acting as undisclosed agent
  • Royalty/Licensing structures
  • Holding companies

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Accès International

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